what about a night in Paarl?

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what about a night in Paarl?

Post by Larry »

whats up fellow SX owners! i have to ask why is it that there are only one or non 200sx on the night life ??
weekends and weekdays it booming in Paarl. guys pop in for racing to show what they can do very often and its really good stuff they bring mostly CPI cars, HK performance the bmw boys then like 1000 G6,G7 gti's oh and the ST guys.....'

I was just curious...why dont we set a date and then just check the vibe to see whatsss going on. i would really like to see harde gat sx's back on these streets. sadly for me its going to take a while lol. its just not good to see these oaks being fast all the time when i know whats on this forum [smilie=200sx_200sx.gif]

But come on guys what do you say?

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Re: what about a night in Paarl?

Post by troopiec »

Haha I suppose it's because a sx will always be a project car that gets worked on more than driven. Personally I don't head to the night scenes anymore. Too many irresponsible guys almost crashing into people etc and with the cops clamping down so much on street racing etc i don't want to be anywhere I could be fined heavily for mods etc.... Just my point of view but I do miss when a couple years back everyone could chill and have a good time but I've found the people mostly get out of hand nowadays.

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