Coilover Suspension (L&T Suspenion)

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Coilover Suspension (L&T Suspenion)

Post by ltsuspension » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:13 pm

L&T Suspension

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The chief engineer of L&T suspension has been actived in Japan D1GP for more than 30 years ,who making racing chassis for racers and he has served a number of Japanese top racers. Since 2009, engineers of L&T have begun to manufacture its own shock absorber by using their track experiences in Japan for years. In 2012, L&T dedicated to provide OEM processing services for the world's major shock absorber brands through the establishment of L&T Auto Parts Ltd. By the year 2015, L&T suspension brand was formally established and began to supply to the world. With more than 300 different applications, L&T offers suitable coilover for most cars on the market.

Compared with other brands on the market, L&T suspension has obvious advantages. First of all, each of its models will go through deliberate design and strict test. Thereby, people who experience L&T suspension will be pleasantly surprised about the perfect workmanship. Secondly, it has a relatively cheap price. The key components (such as oil seal and oil , etc.) are made in Japan or imported from German, while the metal parts are manufactured by itself. Strict and meticulous production management makes L&T suspension be very high cost effective. As for after-sale service, L&T suspension provides a one-year warranty for racers, and all spare parts can be delivered within 2 days, which is difficult for other suspension brands to achieve.

With the use of superior shock absorber oil produced by FUCHS, which can maintain excellent kinematic viscosity from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius, the damping performance of L&T suspension in long distance rallying or under extremely cold weather is allowed to keep stable. High quality shock absorber oil is the guarantee for comfort, safety and durability during driving.

In terms of shock, L&T coilover is monotube design, using cylinder (45mm ID) and piston (45mm OD), which reserve more oil than the general shock absorbers. The piston is with linear piston design of super high flux and low viscosity to improve the comfort when driving on the uneven road. At the same time, L&T suspension provide upgrading service for racer who often race. The racing coilover with digressive piston , can match with higher spring rate spring, also can have better grip performance. In this condition, racers are able to better control their cars so as to seize every opportunity that makes them get ahead of the opponents.

L&T chooses hallow link rod and conical valve design with 32 rebound damping adjustment. Each adjustment will be obviously felt in driving. Therefore, it is suggested to choose 15-25 settings when driving on the streets (the hardest is 0 setting) and 5-15 settings during racing.

All the coilover springs produced by L&T are made of SAE9254 high

quality steel through cold rolling processing. Each type of the spring is under strict testing by L&T engineers in order to ensure that the deformation is no more than 2mm after using one million times.

For years, L&T has always been focusing on development and adhering to the concept of high quality manufacturing and quality service awareness to let the majority of riders enjoy its professionalism and services.
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